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UEMS-CAP Curriculum Framework revision

Apr 6, 2022

We are proud to present you the latest and revised version of our Curriculum Framework.

A curriculum framework serves as a roadmap for constructing training programs. It provides guidance and maps out training goals for trainees. It helps them to get an overview of where to go and at what stage they are in their training process. For training program directors, trainers and for all those concerned with training, the framework can help to provide focus and ensure all relevant parts of training are included in the program.

Recently, the CAP section of the UEMS updated its curriculum framework together with a large group of international CAP trainers from across Europe and with wider consultation from consumer and family organizations.

This curriculum framework for postgraduate training in child and adolescent psychiatry constitutes a major part of the European Training Requirements, covering the content of training in the first five chapters of this document (UEMS-CAP, & Jacobs, B. 2014). 

UEMS-CAP Curriculum Framework Nov 2021 complete.pdf