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Report UEMS-CAP delegates meeting Athens 2023

Oct 7, 2023

The most recent meeting of the UEMS-CAP section was hosted in Athens by our Greek colleagues who gave the section a very warm welcome and an excellent  meeting venue in a historical location at the foot of the Akropolis. They also provided an interesting overview of the current CAP service provision and training in Greece and illustrated the detrimental influence of the economical crisis and the pandemic on the health care in general and vulnerable children and their families in particular.

During the Athens meeting the section has worked on:

1. Revision of the European Training Requirements (expect to finish in 2025), current version of ETR can be found elsewhere on the website.

2. A position paper on future training in CAP and its relation with developments in provision in child and mental health services

3. The upcoming Delphi study about topics and activities we can deploy to strengthen the network about CAP training and education in Europe together with trainers, trainees and experts by experience (patient and carer organisations).

4. Cooperation with the EFPT (European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees) to help trainees to develop training and education competencies towards the end of their training. 

5. Perception of double roles (combining clinical care with research, leadership and teaching) for CAP trainees and early carreer CAP.

6. The future of the annual UEMS-CAP trainers Seminar, which will be organised alternatively live and online and in closer cooperation with the EFPT and trainees. 

7. An online survey about undergraduate traiing in CAP in medical schools across the EU

8. A further development of a question bank for MCQ about CAP related topics.

9. Cooperation with other international bodies that hold an interest in child and adolescent mental health including ESCAP, IACAPAP, WPA and the sections of pediatrics and general psychiatry of the UEMS.